Our Strategy


We wish for people to enjoy our range of products and healthy food. We try to continually maintain and grow consumer trust. We are a benchmark of care, innovation and quality.


PRFoods is a well-known environmentally friendly international company engaged in the production and sale of fresh fish and fish products in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.


The strategy of PRFoods is as follows:
  • To be among three leading brands in the fishing industry business segment
  • EBITDA margin at least 7%
  • To distribute up to 30% of the annual net profit as dividends


  • Objective-driven organisational development
  • Leading brands in the Scandinavian and Baltic markets
  • We have had established products on the Finnish market for more than 30 years
  • Geographically suitable scope and diversified product portfolio ensure sustainable development
  • Solid financial status of the company


  • Rapid price growth of raw materials and high volatility of prices
  • Significant increase of the proportion of private label products on the Finnish market
  • High dependence on the two large retail chains dominating the Finnish retail market
  • Risks related to biological assets in the fish business segment