Financial calendar of 2018

Consolidated financial results of PRFoods AS will be published in year 2018 as follows:
week 2Turnover for 12 months for 2017
week 7Turnover for January 2018
week 8Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 12 months
week 11Turnover for February 2018
week 15Turnover for March 2018
week 19Turnover for April 2018 
week 20Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 15 months
week 24Turnover for May 2018 
week 28Turnover for June 2018
week 32Turnover for July 2018
week 34Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 18 months
week 37Turnover for August 2018
week 41Turnover for September 2018
week 43 Audited, consolidated annual report for 18 months 2017-2018
week 46Turnover for October 2018
week 46Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 3 months
week 50Turnover for November 2018
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